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Vani Hari “The Food Babe” living large – one million dollar house purchased under her husbands name?

May 14, 2015

The Truth About Vani Hari the "Food Babe"

Congrats on your new home Vani! Paid for by the #FoodBabeArmy and #FoodBabeWay

“I want to give this information to everyone!” Vani Hari says in her interview with KPLR St. Louis.

If you did then why do you have a for profit LLC?

Screenshot 2015-02-17 13.27.03

Why did your husband purchase a $950,000 house in August? More importantly, don’t a husband and wife purchase a house together?

Screenshot 2015-02-17 13.34.49

ESTIMATED MORTGAGE (from Zillow – because we actually use credible sources)

Why do I need to purchase an eating guide? That house costs far more than a box of “scary” cereal and exceed the monthly budgets of some American families that you claim to want to protect?

Screenshot 2015-02-17 13.49.48

You’ve inspired parodies of yourself from Science Babe, Chow Babe, Food Hunk, etc…

Vani – if you really cared…why is all of this PAID information? I work in marketing, there are plenty of ways to monetize your…

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