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Oversized church signs could cost Oklahoma millions in federal funding

April 24, 2015

Lose 64 million in federal highway funding or allow larger church signs to help find that Jesus fellow?

I know which one conservatives will pick.

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A state lawmaker is asking the federal government to allow churches in our state to have signs four times the current legal limit.

These are signs you typically find in rural towns that tell you where each church is located in that town.

If it’s along a state highway, under federal regulations, many of these signs across Oklahoma are illegal.

Land owners could have to cough up a pretty penny to remove the existing signs and put new, bigger ones up.

But it’s already happening in Representative Mike Brown’s district in northwestern Oklahoma.

“They’re notified by the state highway department that ‘you have  a non-conforming sign in the corner of your pasture, and you’ve got 30 days, or 45 days to get it down or we’ll charge you 4,000 dollars,’” Rep. Brown said.

Rep. Brown is asking for the federal highway administration to change its policy from the…

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