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Robin Williams

August 12, 2014


I dislike talking about celebrities. However, I fucking hate platitudes.

Any version of the old-timey and crotchety piece of wrong ass shit that came across my screen related to “Taking the easy way out” has to be destroyed, I am sorry.

Four billion years of evolution has imprinted on each cell, every fiber of our very being, the word, “Survive”. Every reaction we have, every quick glance to the left and right, that noise that wakes us; is our successful evolution and amazing ability and instinct to avoid death. To fear pain and death.

Going against that instinct, that need and drive to survive is quite literally the opposite of you trite platitude. Again, it is the hardest thing you can do. Doubt me? Give’r a go mate.

Killing yourself is literally the hardest thing you can do. Recognize it for what it was. He suffered from clinical depression and his hippocampus atrophied not responding to any treatments (many causes could be attributed) and his evolved drive to survive and go on failed him; the pain was too great and his body overcame his natural instincts and he ended his pain. Like sawing off a limb that was infected.

His death is only difficult for those that still have a consciousness. He no longer hurts. It is hard on you now, not him. He literally did the hardest thing known to the human mind.

So shut your lying whore mouth.

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