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A More Considered Review of (Updated)

December 3, 2013

Do What's Right

I’ve been asked to take the time to think through and summarize my findings on Life Church. My thesis is, while the theology is harmless at Life Church, the way Life Church is organized and operated is tightly controlled from the top down. Nothing and no one is permitted to depart from Craig’s personal organizational script. The only membership participation allowed is carefully and tightly controlled. The instant anyone feels called and led by the Spirit to do things just a little differently, they are marginalized, at best. If the Spirit of God moves in your heart to do something not listed, you will have to leave Life Church to do it. Shallowness is not the problem, it’s that shallowness is enforced. Further discussion here.Comments are closed.Look around here on the blog; there are other ways to contact me.

Craig Groeschel is an entrepreneur. His primary…

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