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May 15, 2012

Take a look.

The Enchanted Naturalist

For Natasha, Jared, and Marissa

Always think before you believe

With a dedication like that, how could I not give this book a whirl? As a father of two now, the desire to impart the values of free inquiry and critical thinking to our children resonates deeply with me. There is an epidemic shortage of rationality in our world today despite the incredible advances of science and reason over the last couple hundred years. Alien abductions, astrology, ESP, prayer, prophecy, Holocaust-denial, global warming, the anti-vaccination movement, near-death experiences…these are just a sampling of the topics Guy P. Harrison tackles in this book about the phenomenon of human credulity.

While I thought his individual treatment of each “popular belief” was well done (if not impressively concise), I actually felt the introduction and the first section about “Magical Thinking” were the highlights of the book as there Harrison explains the…

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